Welcome to Tessarose Productions' website – the home of Tessa Grigg and Brian Ringrose.Tessarose:

  • is a qualified educator and a professional musician making music for children (0-6 years)
  • is focused on educating through music
  • is committed to music that is the right speed for young children and songs that have positive images.
  • knows that children who move well find learning easier.

Our Music

Music is the medium, providing the beat and opportunities to learn. But not all music is made equal.

Tessarose Production’s music is created with children’s developmental needs and the latest findings in childhood education in mind. The songs are simple and slow enough for youngsters to understand then respond to. Our tunes are cute and catchy, the words repetitive and clear so children can learn to sing the songs themselves.

Tessarose songs are recorded at a higher pitch, as research shows this is what children respond to best.