Our Team

Tessa Grigg

TessaBrian-Library Tessa has wide ranging experience within the Early Childhood Education sector. She has taught at primary school level; supervised a pre-school with specialist work in the sensory motor area; worked as a Child and Family Therapist; taught Nanny students and owned and operated a GymbaROO centre for 9 years. She uses Brain Gym in a variety of settings and practices Touch For Health with children and adults.

Tessa's 20 plus years experience in teaching pre-school children is strengthened by the diversity of settings she has worked in. Each setting has provided a wealth of hands-on information about what works with children that has been crucial in developing material for Tessarose Productions.

GymbaROO is a movement and music based programme originating in, and franchised from Australia. Through her experience with GymbaROO Tessa has been able to test drive much of the material recorded by Tessarose while being continually reminded that pre-school children need access to high quality music experiences. It became apparent to her that much of the commercial music available was at much too fast a pace for young children to join in with, reinforcing the need to produce suitable music for children in group settings.


Brian Ringrose

Brian has had over thirty years experience in the music business, both in the recording industry and as a performing artist. He has performed both nationally and internationally and was part of the original Invaders Band that played with Ray Columbus. Brian has worked for television (a fifteen year involvement) and continues to play to live audiences on a regular basis while working in his recording studio by day. Music produced by Brian has been sold internationally with feedback that recognises his versatility and creative abilities.

His expertise and abilities in musical arrangements that capture the mood and paint audio pictures are features of the CDs that Tessarose Productions produces. The arrangements are varied and interesting to children while being pleasing for adults to listen to. This has been an important objective in the production of the Tessarose music - happy children and happy adults. Brian also creatively employs appropriate sound effects to enhance the music.