Book List

There are many excellent books that describe the development sequences children go through. The Developing Child by Helen Bee, or The Young Child by J Black and M Puckett are good places to start. The books listed below relate specifically to the issues of moving and learning, and the importance of this. At Tessarose we use music to encourage children to move so that they can then learn well.



Moving to Learn

Crowe R and Connell G
The Caxton Press, Christchurch, New Zealand. 2003

A parent/teacher resource with many ideas for activities as well as excellent developmental information. It helps make the connections between movement, music, learning and play, 0-3 years.


A Teacher’s Window into A Child's Mind

Goddard, Sally
Fern Ridge Press, Eugene, Oregon, USA. 1996

Children are born with their infant reflexes present (they can suck, they get frights, etc.). This book identifies those reflexes and discusses what happens if the reflexes do not turn themselves off as they would normally do.


Awakening the Child Heart

Hannaford, Carla
Great Ocean Publishers, Virginia, USA. 1995

There is a wonderful description of the power music has over on language development and in this book the importance of the person caring for the child is explore. Hannaford also says that you shouldn’t even put your dog in front of the TV, let alone your children!



Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head

Hannaford, Carla
Great Ocean Publishers, Virginia, USA. 1995

This book examines the brain and some of the ways to make learning easier. Carla Hannaford uses Brain Gym movements. Movement difficulties that children experience may be part of why they do not learn effectively. Tessarose music works to encourage children to be effective movers using music.


If Only We'd Known

Sasse, Margaret
Toddler Kindy GymbaROO, Australia. 1979, Revised 1990, 2000

This book is a general description of the essential aspects of movement that children need to go through to enhance brain development.



Tomorrow’s Children

Sasse, Margaret
Toddler Kindy GymbaROO, Australia. 2002

Written for parents this book is easy to read and has many interesting comments about movement and learning. An excellent resource for a parent library.


Learning to Learn

Ward, C. and Daley, J.
Ward & Daley, Christchurch, New Zealand. 1993

Getting a learner into the best state for learning is the focus of this book.