Wheels are Turning

The wheels of the bike are spinning round and round
They spin so fast they barely touch the ground
Biking up the hill, the wheels are going slow
Getting to the top, we’ll get there soon I know.

Now we’re going downhill, the wheels are turning fast
In no time at all…we’ll get to the bottom – it’s a blast!
The air is rushing past my face, I’m riding with no fear
I hope there are no cars coming and the road is clear.

Let’s make the right wheel turn, while the left is still
Like the water wheel turning, at the flour mill.
Now the right wheel will stop, while the left wheel moves
Our feet are going just as fast as galloping horse’s hooves.

Holding both arms out, we start to spin around
Look up to the sky and don’t watch the ground
Spin the other way, gently unwind
Spinning ‘round slowly, will exercise your mind!