Brain Gym

Brain Gym

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This CD has been created for people who have completed a Brain Gym® course, or who have studied Brain Gym® by Dr Paul Dennison and Gail Dennison (orange cover), and who know they will benefit from a Brain Gym® Warm-up. For further information visit
This sequence works well with young children as well as adults.

The six versions of the song all have different musical styles so that differing preferences can be met and variety added.

There is an instrumental section at the end of most versions where additional Brain Gym® movements can be added.

In group settings the music helps students to focus, teachers can remember the order of the exercises and the timing of each exercise is appropriate. The CD also works well at home, many families use it as a warm-up before school.

1 Folk guitar (with verbal clues) 5 Drums
2 Jazz 6 Flute
3 Piano Writers: Tessa Grigg, Brian Ringrose and Sandy Hazledine
4 Folk guitar