Dancing to the Beat - Vol 2

Dancing to the Beat - Vol 2

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Our first Audio Cassette dedicated to getting children dancing and singing action songs. A hit from day one. Ideas sheet included.

Music Samples from this CD….
Tessarose Dairy
2 Standing in a Queue 13 Fabulous Food
3 Can You Do What I Can Do? 14 Jungle Jingle
4 African Drums 15 Obodian Dance
5 Hay Hee Ho 16 Barnyard Dance
6 Stand Up Sit Down 17 Music Music Music
7 Dancing 'Round the Tree 18 Tennessee Wig Walk
8 Sea Colours 19 Throw the Bean Bag
9 Follow the Leader 20 My Bonnie
10 The Rock 'n' Roll Ball Dance 21 It's Time For Us To Go
11 Flugar Polka


altClick on the note to play the song.